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PockteSOM on PDA

PocketSOM on PDA Phone

PocketSOM on Mobile Phone

PocketSOM on iPhone

PocketSOM on Android


PocketSOMPlayer -
Intuitive Access to Music on mobile devices

The user's demand for the always accessible portable music archive calls for novel ways of access to music. There is a need for new techniques and interfaces, freeing us from burdensome selection of tracks, allowing us to explore music spaces. The PocketSOMPlayer brings music maps, which automatically organize music archives according to acoustic similarity, to mobile devices and thus allows very quick selection of a specific taste of music.


SOM Droid - the PocketSOM player for Android

The newsest sersion of the PocketSOMPlayer now supports the android platform. Beeing open source and running on a wide variety of hardware from mobile phones to tablets, music-players and netbooks, android is the ideal platform for a new kind of intelligent music player. The player offers an intuitive interface and allowes the user to categorize musik that is playing in his/her environment.

Demo video

SOM Droid implements the user friendly interface first seen on the iSom player and improves it further. Offline maps which can cache music and visuals on the sd-card allow mobile (and offline) use without any accessible som-server or even internet connection. It also supports multiple psom-maps and offers more configuration options to the user. Another new feature is the extraction of live recorded samples directly on the device. When the app is connected to a som-server it can query for a winning-unit of the sample and show the position on the map.

PocketSOM for the Android was developed by Johannes Dünser.

(Clicking on the images shows full size versions.)
Main screen with loaded map and controls visible.
A selected path and a block.
Zoom on the path.
Main menu which offers the various app functionalities to the user.
The playlist view. The symbol on the right of the tracks allows to drag&drop the songs.
The Settings activity which enables the user to change various options.
The app can extract features (e.g. rhythm patterns) from a live recorded sample and pin them to a unit on the map.
If supported by the map, different visualisations can be selected within the player.
The player also supports multiple SOMs and lets the user change the current SOM on the fly.
Landscape mode