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PockteSOM on PDA

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PocketSOMPlayer -
Intuitive Access to Music on mobile devices

The user's demand for the always accessible portable music archive calls for novel ways of access to music. There is a need for new techniques and interfaces, freeing us from burdensome selection of tracks, allowing us to explore music spaces. The PocketSOMPlayer brings music maps, which automatically organize music archives according to acoustic similarity, to mobile devices and thus allows very quick selection of a specific taste of music.


PocketSOM on iPhone

As part of our efforts to improve the PocketSOMPlayer, it has been implemented for one of the newest and most promising mobile systems: the Apple iPhone. It offers a well designed platform with several unique features, which allow "iSom", the newest version of PocketSOMPlayer, to present music maps in a very intuitive way. It enables users to easily navigate their music collection and find the music they like with little effort.

Watch our new demo video:

iSom is a native iPhone application that uses the brand new iPhone SDK to offer users the same look and feel as other iPhone software. The music maps can be navigated and zoomed freely using simple finger gestures. Drawing paths results in a play-list being generated which can be fully edited with simple tap and drag actions. Music is streamed seamlessly from a web server via WiFi or cellular network to access audio collections that can be many times larger than the mobile phone's storage capacity. In addition, iSom can act as a remote control and synchronize all actions with a remote PlaySOM server.

PocketSOM for the iPhone was developed by Raphael Charwot.

(Clicking on the images shows full size versions.)
After startup iSOM shows the map overview containing the music collection.
To get a more detailed view the user can zoom into the map and scroll unsing the iPhone-typical finger gestures.
Trough drawing a path on the map, a playlist is crated which can be played on the iPhone streaming the audio songs over the internet. Alternatively the playlist can be sent to the PlaySOM application.
The settings-dialog is integrated into the iPhone configuration menu.
The sceen is automatically adjusted when the iPhone is turned from portrait to landscape or vice verse.
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