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PockteSOM on PDA

PocketSOM on PDA Phone

PocketSOM on Mobile Phone

PocketSOM on iPhone

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PocketSOMPlayer -
Intuitive Access to Music on mobile devices

The user's demand for the always accessible portable music archive calls for novel ways of access to music. There is a need for new techniques and interfaces, freeing us from burdensome selection of tracks, allowing us to explore music spaces. The PocketSOMPlayer brings music maps, which automatically organize music archives according to acoustic similarity, to mobile devices and thus allows very quick selection of a specific taste of music.


PocketSOM on PDA

The PocketSOMPlayer supports both selecting music from the device itself and/or streaming of music over wireless networks such as WLAN, GPRS or UMTS. Thus, the streaming mode provides direct access to huge central music repositories from wherever there is a wireless network connection


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PocketSOMPlayer in Action

PocketSOMPlayer running on the iPaq Pocket PC, using Java and SWT. (note: genre names have been added manually)

Drawing paths/trajectories on the music map On the PocketSOMPlayer paths/trajectories are conveniently drawn using a pen on the touch-screen. Drawing a trajectory creates a play-list, which is instantly shown on the next screen.
PocketSOMPlayer's Refinement Window The playlist window allows users to refine the list of selected music before being played. After pressing the 'Play list' button, the an audio player is opened playing the music either from the device itself or streaming it from a server.


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