Software Tools for Business & e-Science Processes

This website presents tools and services supporting the mangement of business processes. It includes services to capture and describe processes from workflow engines, converter to create ontology based process models and virutalisation frameworks. Moreover, preservation identifier was developed using a knowledge bases to identify alternative service and file format to be used wihtin processes. The Software Escrow framework helps to assess the quality of software development porject for depositing at Escrow Agents.

Part of this work has been co-funded by the EU by the TIMBSU project under the 7 FP. More information about the TIMBUS project can be found at:

Other work in the area of digital preservation at SBA can be found at: DP@SBA


A Java command line tool which converts a Taverna workflow to an Archimate model instance. It creates a process model including the three Archimate layers Business, Application and Technology. [more]

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Process Migration Framework

The process migration framework (PMF) can be used for model-based migration of processes from a shared system to a new dedicated virtual machine. [more]

RWS Framework

The Resilient Web Service (RWS) Framework provides guidelines to support a Web Service developer developing resilient enhanced Web Services. [more]


This tool provides a converter from an Archi model to the process context model.

It comes in two flavours: Either as a plugin to Archi or as a standalone command-line tool. [more]

Preservation Identifier

The preservation identifier suggest alternatives tool and formats that can be used within a process.[more]

Ontology Diff Tool

Tool to compare two ontologies and create a diff of both ontologies. [more]

Provenance Extractor

It extracts workflow run provenance information, such as intermediate results, execution time and process flow from the Taverna provenance database into the context model. [more]

Software Escrow

The software escrow framework supports human reviewer of deposited software development projects by automatically evaluating the artifacts and reporting parts that need to be examined manually. [more]