Serwah Sabetghadam

Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
Information Management and Preservation Group

Vienna, Austria

email:sabetghadam @ ifs . tuwien . ac . at

Team Member

Research Interests

  • Software Analysis/Architecture Design Algorithms Modeling Multimodal/Cross-Modality Retrieval Graph Search Knowledge Management Crowdsourcing

PhD Thesis

    My PhD thesis is about a generic model for multimodal IR named Astera.


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  • Niamanesh M., Sabetghadam S., Yousefzade R., Jalili R., "Dynamic Reconfigurable Architecture for Protocol Stack", In Arbab, F., Sirjani, M. (eds.) FSEN07, LNCS, pages 396-403, April 2007
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  • Sabetghadam S., Lupu M., Rauber A., "Astera - A generic model for Multimodal Information Retrieval", Proc. of Integrating IR technologies for Professional Search Workshop, 2013
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  • Sabetghadam S., Lupu M., and Rauber A., "Which one do you choose? Spreading Activation or Random Walks?". IRFC, 2014.
  • Sabetghadam S., Lupu M., Bierig R., and Rauber A,."Reachability Analysis of Graph Modelled Collections". ECIR, 2015. Best Paper Candidate.
  • SabetghadamS., Lupu M., and Rauber A,."Leveraging Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm on Graph-based Model for Multimodal IR". GSB'15: First International Workshop on Graph Search and Beyond, held in SIGIR 2015.
  • SabetghadamS., Palotti J., Rekabsaz N., Lupu M., Hanbury A.."TUW at MediaEval 2015". MediaEval, 2015. Obtained first place in the task of "Diverise Social Image Retrieval"
  • Sabetghadam S., Lupu M., Rauber A., "A Faceted Approach to Reachability Analysis of Multimodal Graph-based Collections", Under review
  • Sabetghadam S., Lupu M., Rauber A., "Random Walks Analysis on Graph Modelled Multimodal Collections", Under review


  • Since 2011 : PhD Candidate at Veinna University of Technology
  • 2004 - 2007 : Master Studies at Shahid Beheshti University