Current Projects and Activities of Rudolf Mayer


Digital Preservation for Timeless Business Processes and Services (Integrated Project (FP7))

TIMBUS will endeavour to enlarge the understanding of DP to include the set of activities, processes and tools that ensure continued access to services and software necessary to produce the context within which information can be accessed, properly rendered, validated and transformed into knowledge. One of the fundamental requirements is to preserve the functional and non-functional specifications of services and software, along with their dependencies.


Alliance Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe Network (Network of Excellence (FP7)

APARSEN is a new Network of Excellence that aims to bring together an extremely diverse set of practitioner organisations and researchers in order to bring coherence, cohesion and continuity to research into barriers to the long-term accessibility and usability of digital information and data, exploiting our diversity by building a long-lived Virtual Centre of Digital Preservation Excellence

Former Projects and Activities


Research Studio Digital Memory Engineering

The Austrian Research Studio Digital Memory Engineering conducted industry-oriented research and development in the field of digital preservation. The aim of the DME was the development of preservation solutions for the industry with a special focus on SMEs.


Permanent Long-term Access through Networked Services (IP (FP7))

Planets was a four-year project which will help organisations in Europe to address the challenges of protecting digital content so that it may be accessed in the long-term.
Archiving System for Small Instiutions
Preservation Planning Tool support (Plato)

Local Organiser of IPRES 2010

Scalable Preservation Environments

The International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES 2010) in Vienna in September 2010 was the seventh in the series of annual international conferences that bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore the latest trends, innovations, and practices in preserving our digital heritage.

Local Organiser of ISMIR 2007

The 8th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, ISMIR 2007, was held at the Vienna University of Technology, from September 23rd to September 27th, 2007. The annual ISMIR Conference is the first established international forum for those involved in work on accessing digital musical materials. It reflects the tremendous growth of music-related data available either locally or remotely and the consequent need to search this content and retrieve music and musical information efficiently and effectively.


Network of Excellence (FP6)

MUSCLE is an EC-sponsored Network of Excellence that aims at establishing and fostering closer collaboration between research groups in multimedia datamining and machine learning. The Network integrates the expertise of over forty research groups working on image and video processing, speech and text analysis, statistics and machine learning. The goal is to explore the full potential of statistical learning and cross-modal interaction for the (semi-)automatic generation of robust meta-data with high semantic value for multimedia documents.


Network of Excellence (FP6)

DELOS is a Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries partially funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The main objectives of DELOS are research, whose results are in the public domain, and technology transfer, through cooperation agreements with interested parties.

FODOK Austria

FoDok Austria - a research portal for all Austrian Research activities.

Local Organiser of ECDL 2005

ECDL 2005 was the 9th conference in the series of European Digital Library conferences. ECDL has become the major European conference on digital libraries, and associated technical, practical, and social issues, bringing together researchers, developers, content providers and users in the field.