Retrieval in the Intellectual Property Domain

The CLEF-IP track was launched in 2009 to investigate IR techniques for patent retrieval and was part of the CLEF 2009 evaluation campaign.  From 2010 to 2013, the track was organized as a benchmarking activity of the CLEF 2010-2013 conferences.

The project was supported by the PROMISE Network of Excellence (co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission).

The image tasks were supported by the IMPEX project (funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency - FFG).

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Latest Updates

December, 2022
The CLEF-IP test collections are now available from the TU Wien Research Data repository.

October, 2013
The claims to passages relevance assessments are now on-line. You can download them here.

CLEF-IP Closed

October, 2013
The CLEF-IP lab will not be organized in the next year. The CLEF-IP test collection will remain available for research purposes.
There will be further updates to this page to maintain the links to published papers and such. Contact us if you have any questions about CLEF-IP.

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