Talks of Tomasz Miksa


  • Machine-actionable Data Management Plans and Data Repositories. Texas Digital Library - webinar series. Virtual Meeting. 21 January 21.
  • Common Standard for machine-actionable DMPs. Science Europe working group meeting. Virtual Meeting. 12 January 21.




  • DMP Common Standards WG at the 12 th Plenary meeting in Gaborone. Session: DMP Common Standards WG. 12th RDA Plenary. Gaborone, Botswana. November 2018.
  • Implementing Data Citation for openEO. Session: Data Citation WG. 12th RDA Plenary. Gaborone, Botswana. November 2018.
  • Albanian weddings, chemical compounds and earth observation. Key note at the 6th International Student Workshop. Ladek Zdroj, Poland. June 2018.
  • From Requirements to Models. Session: DMP Common Standards WS. 11th RDA Plenary, Berlin, Germany. 21 March 2018.


  • Data Management and Data Management Plans. Guest lecture at the Medizinische Universitat Innsbruck. Innsbruck, Austria. December 2017.
  • Engaging researchers with RDM through active data management plans. Engaging Researchers with Good Data Management. St Catharine's College, Cambridge, UK. 15 November 2017.
  • Machine-actionable Data Management Plans. General assembly of E-Infrastructures Austria. Wien, Austria. November 2017.
  • Machine-actionable Data Management Plans. FORCE 2017. October 2017, Berlin, Germany
  • Reproducible Scientific Workflows and Machine actionable Data Management Plans. FORCE 2017. Berlin, Germany. October 2017.
  • Machine Actionable Data Management Plans. Key note at the 5th International Student Workshop. Szklarska Poreba, Poland. June 2017
  • Goals of the DMP Common Standards WG. Session: Active DMPs IG. 10th RDA Plenary. Montreal, Canada. September, 2018.
  • Der Data Management Plan (DMP) in Horizon 2020. Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG) Akademie - webinar. 18 October 2017.
  • Active Data Management Plans a vision of what we can achieve. A postcard from the future: tools and services from a perfect DMP world. Edinburgh, UK. 20 February 2017.