Vienna, Austria

NCSS2010 September 19 -22, 2010

Accepted Papers

Accepted Full Research Papers

Ioannis Koltsidas and Stratis Viglas. Designing a Flash-Aware Two-Level Cache

Nicolas Hanusse, Sofian Maabout and Radu Tofan. Revisiting the Partial Data cube Materialization

Olivier Pivert, Gregory Smits, Allel Hadjali and Helene Jaudoin. Efficient Detection of Minimal Failing Subqueries in a Fuzzy Querying Context

Daniel Schall and Florian Skopik. An Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics of Large-scale Q/A Communities

Helene Jaudoin and Olivier Pivert. Rewriting fuzzy queries using imprecise views

Igor Epimakhov, Abdelkader Hameurlain, Tharam Dillon and Franck Morvan. Resource Scheduling Methods for Query Optimization in Data Grid Systems

Lars Dannecker, Matthias Boehm, Wolfgang Lehner and Gregor Hackenbroich. Forcasting Evolving Time Series of Energy Demand and Supply

Julien Aligon, Matteo Golfarelli, Patrick Marcel, Stefano Rizzi and Elisa Turricchia. Mining Preferences from OLAP Query Logs for Proactive Personalization

Alsayed Algergawy, Sabine Massmann and Erhard Rahm. A Clustering-based Approach For Large-scale Ontology Matching

Carlo Combi, Mauro Gambini and Sara Migliorini. The NestFlow Interpretation of Workflow Control-Flow Patterns

Peter Darcy, Bela Stantic and Abdul Sattar. A Novel Integrated Classifier for Handling Data Integrity Anomalies

Justin Terry, Bela Stantic, Paolo Terenziani and Abdul Sattar. Variable Granularity Space filling Curve for Indexing Multidimensional Data

Nicolas Spyratos, Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi and Jitao Yang. Personalizing Queries over Large Data Tables

Ladjel Bellatreche and Ryma Bouchakri. On Simplifying Integrated Physical Database Design

Mihaela Brut, Sebastien Laborie, Ana-Maria Manzat and Florence Sedes. Generic Information System Architecture for Distributed Multimedia Indexation and Management

Markus Benter, Stefan Boettcher and Rita Hartel. Mixing bottom-up and top-down XPath query evaluation

Krzysztof Kaczmarski and Tomasz Rudny. MOLAP Cube Based on Parallel Scan Algorithm

Christian Tilgner, Boris Glavic, Michael Boehlen and Carl-Christian Kanne. Declarative Serializable Snapshot Isolation

Dietrich Christopeit, Michael Boehlen, Carl-Christian Kanne and Arturas Mazeika. Querying Versioned Software Repositories

Jozsef Patvarczki and Neil Heffernan. Automatic Physical Database Tuning Middleware for Web-based Applications

Kostas Patroumpas and Timos Sellis. Subsuming Multiple Sliding Windows for Shared Stream Computation

Jakub Maly, Martin Necasky and Irena Mlynkova. XML Documents Transformations as Schema Evolves

Cheikh Niang, Beatrice Bouchou, Moussa Lo and Yacine Sam. Automatic Building of an Appropriate Global Ontology

George Roumelis, Michael Vassilakopoulos and Antonio Corral. Performance Comparison of xBR-trees and R*-trees for Single Dataset Spatial Queries

Scibor Sobieski and Bartosz Zielinski. Modularisation in Maude of Parametrized RBAC for Row Level Access Control

Hendrik Decker. Partial Repairs that Tolerate Inconsistency

Goce Trajcevski, Anan Yaagoub and Peter Scheuermann. Processing (Multiple) Spatio-Temporal Range Queries in Multicore Settings

Christophe Debruyne and Robert Meersman. Semantic Interoperation between Business Information Systems by Evolving Ontologies through Formalized Social Processes

Barbara Catania, Maria Teresa Pinto, Paola Podesta and Davide Pomerano. A Current-State Recommendation Technique for Geo-Spatial Data

Steffen Wittmer, Tobias Lauer and Amitava Datta. Real-Time Computation of Advanced Rules in OLAP Databases

Accepted Short Papers

Carlo Combi, Mauro Gambini and Sara Migliorini. Towards Structured Business Process Modeling Languages Giuseppe Pozzi, Sandro Morasca, Alessio Antonini and Alexandre Ferreira Mello. Some Quality Evaluations for Business Processes

Carlo Combi and Sara Degani. Seamless (and Temporal) Conceptual Modeling of Business Process Information

Sebastian Schick, Holger Meyer and Andreas Heuer. Enhancing Workflow Data Interaction Patterns by a Transaction Model

Piotr Wisniewski, Aneta Szumowska, Marta Burzanska and Aleksandra Boniewicz. Hibernate the Recursive Queries - Defining the Recursive Queries Using Hibernate ORM

Leonid Kalinichenko and Sergey Stupnikov. OWL as Yet Another Data Model to be Integrated

Erik Hornicak, Matus Ondreicka, Jaroslav Pokorny and Peter Vojtas. Multi-user Searching of Top-k Objects with Data on Remote Servers

Nazario Cipriani, Matthias Gro▀mann, Harald Sanftmann and Bernhard Mitschang. Design Considerations of a Flexible Data Stream Processing Middleware

Sandi Pohorec and Milan Zorman. Formalization of unstructured content to semantic form

Anna Yarygina, Boris Novikov and Natalia Vassilieva. Processing complex similarity queries: a systematic approach

Zoltan Harsanyi, Martin Repta and Viera Rozinajova. Innovative mashup development: utilizing visual information about application programming interfaces

Huu Hoa Nguyen, Nouria Harbi and Jerome Darmont. An Efficient Fuzzy Clustering-Based Approach for Intrusion Detection

Matthias Liebisch. Accessing Functional Aspects with Pure SQL - Lessons Learned

Bouchbout, Alimazighi. Inter-Organizational Business Processes Modelling Framework

Kai Jannaschk, Claas Anders Rathje, Bernhard Thalheim and Frank Foerster. A Generic Database Schema for Scientific Data Management

Ana Simonet and Michel Simonet. Information System Design Based on a Domain Ontology and Users Requirements

Sean Chester, Bruce Kapron, Ganesh Ramesh, Gautam Srivastava, Alex Thomo and S. Venkatesh. K-Anonymization of Social Networks by Vertex Addition

Csaba Istvan Sidlo. Entity Resolution with Heavy Indexing

Witold Abramowicz, Elz.bieta Bukowska, Jakub Dzikowski, Agata Filipowska and Monika Kaczmarek. Semantically Enabled Experts Finding System - Ontologies, Reasoning Approach and Web Interface Design

Yingmin Li and Omar Boucelma. A CPN Provenance Model of Workflow: Towards Diagnosis in the Cloud

Krzysztof Kaczmarski. Experimental B+-tree for GPU

Boris Perez and Dario Correal. MENTA: A Quality Analysis Approach for Self-Adapting Systems

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Domenico Sacca: A Constraint-Based Framework for Computing Privacy Preserving OLAP Aggregations on Data Cubes