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  • How can we integrate two or more displays that show different data with a common x axis?
    1. We use one instance of Visualization and use predicates by data type for different renderers and displays.
    2. We use multiple instances of Visualization and connect them with events and listeners.
  • How does incremental loading work?
  • Should I extend or use Visualization?



  • [Heer et al., 2005] — deprecated
  • Manual > example application
    • uses: Graph, ForceDirectedLayout
    • extends: -
  • GraphView
    • uses: Graph, GraphDistanceFilter, FocusControl, ZoomToFitControl, NeighborHighlightControl, ForceDirectedLayout, JForcePanel, GraphLib
    • extends: -
  • AggregateDemo
    • uses: Graph, ForceDirectedLayout, AggregateItems
    • extends: ControlAdapter, Layout
  • DataMountain
    • uses: Table, LabelRenderer, RandomLayout
    • extends: ItemSorter, SizeAction, ForceDirectedLayout, ControlAdapter
  • FisheyeMenu
    • uses: Table, Schema, ColorAction, FisheyeDistortion, AnchorUpdateControl
    • extends: ControlAdapter, Layout
  • ZipDecode — showcases creating new functions in the prefuse expression language, creating derived columns, and provides an example of using a dedicated focus set of items to support more efficient data handling.
    • uses: Table, Predicate, AxisLayout, SearchQueryBinding
    • extends: FunctionExpression, TupleSetListener, ColorAction
  • TreeView — DOI tree
    • uses: Tree, NodeLinkTreeLayout, CollapsedSubtreeLayout, FisheyeTreeFilter, QualityControlAnimator, TreeDepthItemSorter, ZoomToFitControl, JSearchPanel
    • extends: AbstractAction, Action, ColorAction
  • TreeMap
    • uses: Tree, SquarifiedTreeMapLayout, TreeDepthItemSorter, SearchQueryBinding
    • extends: ColorAction, Layout, AbstractShapeRenderer
  • RadialGraphView
    • uses: Graph, RadialTreeLayout, CollapsedSubtreeLayout, PolarLocationAnimator
    • extends: GroupAction, ColorAction
  • ScatterPlot
    • uses: Table, ShapeRenderer, AxisLayout, DataShapeAction, ToolTipControl
    • extends: ActionListener
  • Congress
    • uses: Table, RangeQueryBinding, ListQueryBinding, SearchQueryBinding, AxisLayout, AxisLabelLayout, UpdateListener,
    • extends: RendererFactory, UpdateListener, ItemSorter, ComponentAdapter, GroupAction
  • example2.base.LineChart
    • uses: Table, Schema, RangeQueryBinding, AxisLayout, ToolTipControl,
    • extends: UpdateListener, MouseAdapter, GroupAction, Layout
  • Vizster


  • AnimatedScatterPlot
  • TimeViewer
    • uses a non-prefuse approach to paint the axis: TimeScalePainter instead of Renderer
      • distortion not in the action list
  • AsbruFlow
  • Semantic Zoom
  • VisuExplore
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