Semantic Service Matchmaking in the ATM Domain Considering Infrastructure Capability Constraints

T Moser, R. Mordinyi, W. Sunindyo, S. Biffl:
"Semantic Service Matchmaking in the ATM Domain Considering Infrastructure Capability Constraints";
in:"Canadian Semantic Web: Technologies and Applications", W. Du, F. Ensan (Hrg.); Springer-Verlag, University of New Brunswick, Canada, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-4419-7334-4, S. 133 - 157.

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In a service-oriented environment business processes flexibly build on software services provided by systems in a network. A key design challenge is the semantic matchmaking of business processes and software services in two steps: 1. Find for one business process the software services that meet or exceed the BP requirements; 2. Find for all business processes the software services that can be implemented within the capability constraints of the underlying network, which poses a major problem since even for small scenarios the solution space is typically very large. In this chapter we analyze requirements from mission-critical business processes in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain and introduce an approach for semi-automatic semantic matchmaking for software services, the"System-Wide Information Sharing"(SWIS) business process integration framework. A tool-supported semantic matchmaking process like SWIS can provide system designers and integrators with a set of promising software service candidates and therefore strongly reduces the human matching effort by focusing on a much smaller space of matchmaking candidates. We evaluate the feasibility of the SWIS approach in an industry use case from the ATM domain.