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Topics for Praktika and Theses






Topics for "Praktika", Bachelor and Master Theses

These are proposed topics for Praktika and Theses. Alternative proposals in related areas are welcome. Projects can be started anytime. Please contact x@ifs.tuwien.ac.at, where x is (one of) the name(s) given in brackets after each topic, or visit Prof. Andreas Rauber during his office hours (Sprechstunde).
  • Interactive Audio (Music) Classifier - semi-automatic labeling of large music collections (lidy)
  • Audio Analysis for (Feature Extraction from) Sound Samples (e.g. sound effects, instruments) - for retrieval, classification etc.
  • Framework for Automatic Audio Segmentation from audio files and (radio) streams, automatic splitting of files/streams, automatic labeling/annotation of segments (lidy)
  • Audio Content (Feature) Extraction with a closer regard to musicological knowledge and human perception (lidy, rauber)
  • Music retrieval applications on mobile devices (phones, PDAs, iPod, iPhone, Android, etc.) (lidy, frank, rauber)
  • Concepts for interactive visual access to music collections (lidy,frank)
  • Alternative information visualization methods (e.g. MDS) for visualizing music, text collections, ...
  • User study about using map-based music landscapes (rauber)
  • Emotions and mood in music - the next level (lidy,rauber)
  • Social Web Mining (artist blogs, social networks, lyrics portals) for improvement of Music Retrieval Systems (lidy, mayer)
  • Music Retrieval System (Text queries + Query by Example, Query by Singing/Humming, etc.) (lidy)
  • Hybrid music retrieval system,  incorporating several audio aspects (rhythm, melody)/text /tags/lyrics/album covers...) with weighting of importance by user
  • a robust Audio Fingerprinting system (lidy)
  • Deriving additional features from chords detected in Audio (lidy,rauber)

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