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Open topics for student projects

Projects, Bachelor theses, Diploma theses

  • TableMarkup – User-Guided Import of Time-oriented Data from Tables
  • Improvisional Visualization Design using prefuse (Rapid prototyping, tree a la ADAMS)
  • Data Generator for TimeBench with GUI and Configfile (a student is already working on that)
  • Joda Time as CalendarManager (a student is already working on that)
  • TimeRider User Study
  • SemTimeZoom User Study with more variables
  • TimeRider with Scatter Plot Matrix
  • Extend prefuse to use modern Java2D features
  • TimeBench Database and Obvious interoperability
  • TimeBench: Tuning the Complexity and Performance of Time-oriented Data Lookup (IntervalTree; incl. unit tests)
  • TimeBench importers: email folders (mbox), BibTeX, MS Project, Hamster Time Tracking,, Git/GitHub|Lab/Subversion
  • Reimplement Lifelines2 with prefuse and TimeBench (demonstrate relative time)
  • TSA Validation with k-fold cross validation
  • Debug Mode for prefuse with extensive Sanitiy checks (e.g., wrong field names)
  • Extend prefuse with data structure features from IVTK (missing values, sparse columns, slimmer tree)
  • Browser Journeys with semantic zoom in space and time add geo-tagged photos and gps traces
  • Browse and analyze Vis literature by back-references and text near references


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