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 ====== MultiThumbSlider ====== ====== MultiThumbSlider ======
-I'm looking for a Java GUI tool (preferably Swing) that implements a slider with multiple thumbs+I'm looking for a Java GUI widget ​(preferably Swing) that implements a slider with multiple thumbs
 Here is a mockup: Here is a mockup:
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   * http://​​2009/​07/​as3-range-slider-with-multiple-thumbs.html --- fancy ActionScript implementation   * http://​​2009/​07/​as3-range-slider-with-multiple-thumbs.html --- fancy ActionScript implementation
-  * http://​​EP1950652.html --- similar patent (how the f*** can this be patended?)+  * http://​​EP1950652.html --- similar patent (how can such as generic concept ​be patended?)
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