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R snippets

executable boxplot script

executable file boxplot.R:

argu <- commandArgs(trailingOnly = TRUE)
data <- read.csv(file("stdin"), sep=";")
pdf(argu[2], width=12, height=9)
formu <- argu[1]
boxplot(as.formula(formu), data=data)

example usage:

./boxplot.R "log10(time) ~ task" out.pdf < ../path/Mappe1.csv
evince out.pdf
grep -v "generate" ../path/Mappe1.csv | boxplot.R "log10(time) ~ task" out.pdf
grep -e "task;" -e "add;" tree-benchmark.csv | boxplot.R "memory/1024 ~ class+task" out.pdf "memory (MB)"
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