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Eclipse Tips

Text File Character Encoding

Rationale: Non-ASCII characters should be avoided in source code but sometimes they are necessary (e.g., a German resource bundle in XML format). I recommend setting the character encoding to UTF-8 for all text files to ease future reuse and cross platform development. AFAIK the default setting in Eclipse on Windows is Cp1252.

Setting text file character encoding for a Eclipse project.

Warning: Java expects simple properties files in ISO 8859-1 character encoding

Tune Compiler Warnings for a Project

Rationale: Legacy projects (e.g., prefuse) might be full of sub-optimal code such as missing serialVersionUID fields.

Eclipse Marketplace

XML Editors and Tools

tested on Eclipse 3.7.1 Classic (Indigo)

  1. start Eclipse
  2. Help → Install New Software…
  3. Work with → select from combobox “Indigo repository -
  4. … wait a long time …
  5. open category “Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development”
  6. select “Eclipse XML Editors and Tools”
  7. optionally also select “Eclipse XSL Developer Tools”
  8. Next
  9. optionally click away and error about Eclipse Marketplace
  10. Next
  11. Accept license and Finish
  12. … wait a long time …
  13. On request restart Eclipse

GUI Editor

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