Thomas Lidy

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)
Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
Information and Software Engineering Group

Favoritenstrasse 9-11/188
A-1040 Wien

room: HE 01 50 (first floor)
phone: +43 1 58801 - 188 17

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Thomas Lidy

Background & Projects


  • Winner of IEEE AASP DCASE 2016 Domestic Audio Tagging Challenge
  • 1st rank in MIREX 2016 in Classical Composer Identification, Latin Genre Classification, Music Mood Classification and K-Pop Genre and Mood Classification
  • Best Paper Award at CMBI 2016
  • Winner MIREX 2015 Music/Speech Classification Benchmark
  • TheNextWeb: Top 15 best music app of 2012 (Sonarflow)
  • VentureBeat MobileBeat 2012 Finalist
  • 500 Startups Conference Mountain View Finalist 2012
  • Austrian State Prize in Consulting (Nomination) 2010 (Spectralmind)
  • Top 17 of Austria's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs, GEWINN magazine 2011
  • Winner APA-IT Challenge 2010 (Spectralmind)
  • Intel Challenge - Western Europe Finalist 2010 (Spectralmind)
  • 3rd rank Constantinus IT Award 2010 (Spectralmind)
  • Top #18 of the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs of Austria, GEWINN magazine 2010
  • Idea of the Year, GEWINN magazine 2009
  • Top #21 of the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs of Austria, GEWINN magazine 2009
  • Microsoft Sponsorship Award 2007
  • Distinguished Young Alumnus Award 2007 (best Master's Thesis at the Faculty of Informatics)
  • Winner of the Rhythm Classification Contest (Team Thomas Lidy, Andreas Rauber, Andreas Pesenhofer) within the Audio Description Contest during ISMIR 2004 (International Conference on Music Information Retrieval)

Projects and Activities

Research Activities

My research focus is on Music Information Retrieval (MIR) with Machine Learning & Deep Learning:


European research projects I have been involved with:
  • MusicBricks: foster the exchange between the music ICT experts from academic and national research organisations, and Digital Makers and Content Creators from Creative Industries SMEs, by providing music technologies to innovative SMEs and incubate them in order to create market-ready prototypes
  • CHORUS+ EU FP7 coordinated action on advancing search technology for audio-visual content
  • IMPACT (Improving Music genre classification Performance by a novel Approach of Combining audio and symbolic music descriptors using a Transcription system), a bilateral project, funded by the Austrian Academic Exchange Service, with Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Group (GRFIA) at the University of Alicante, Spain
  • PLANETS EU Integrated Project (Permanent Long-term Access through Networked Services)
  • MUSCLE EU Network of Excellence on Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning


40 publications at international conferences and in international journals: