Pandora (
National Library of Australia
June 1996 (start)
With the increasing amount of material being produced by online electronic publishing, issues concerning the long-term access and permanent archiving of such materials are creating great concern in academic and research communities throughout the world. In Australia, many of the parties with a stake in access to digital publications are attempting to understand the issues involved and to develop strategies to deal with them.
    PANDORA is a project initiated by the National Library of Australia to investigate strategies for the storage, preservation and access to digital data in the context of the creation of an electronic archive of library materials. This study is being funded in part by the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (AV-CC) Working Group on Electronic Publishing.

Pandora - archiving Electronic Publications (

Die Deutsche Bibliothek (DDB) (
National Library of Germany
Voluntary deposit of online publications since 2001, preparatory work for a renewal of the legal deposit law.

Our Digital Island (
State Library of Tasmania
Our Digital Island provides access to Tasmanian Web sites that have been preserved for posterity by the State Library of Tasmania.

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