Kulturarw3 (
National Library of Sweden
The Royal Library (Kungl. biblioteket, abbreviated KB), National Library of Sweden, tasked since 1661 with collecting all Swedish printed publications, has inaugurated a project, entitled Kulturarw3 (The Swedish Archiw3e), with a view to the long-term preservation of electronic documents. The aim of this project is to test methods of collecting, preserving and providing access to Swedish electronic documents which are accessible on line in such a way that they can be regarded as published. Through this project KB is also laying the foundations of a collection of Swedish electronic publishing for our time and for coming generations. Kulturaw3 uses NWA-Combine, a modified version of the Combine harvester, optimized for archiving purposes.

Combine - NWA version (

Eva - the acquisition and archiving of electronic network publications (
Helsinki University Library
1.6.1997 (start)

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Internet Archive (
USA, San Francisco
1996 (start)
The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit that was founded to build an `Internet library,' with the purpose of offering free access to historical digital collections for researchers, historians, and scholars. Founded in 1996 and located in the Presidio of San Francisco, the Archive has been receiving data donations from Alexa Internet and others. In late 1999, the organization started to grow to build more well-rounded collections. The Internet archive uses the Alexa indexer to perform its crawls.

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Pandora (
National Library of Australia
June 1996 (start)
With the increasing amount of material being produced by online electronic publishing, issues concerning the long-term access and permanent archiving of such materials are creating great concern in academic and research communities throughout the world. In Australia, many of the parties with a stake in access to digital publications are attempting to understand the issues involved and to develop strategies to deal with them.
    PANDORA is a project initiated by the National Library of Australia to investigate strategies for the storage, preservation and access to digital data in the context of the creation of an electronic archive of library materials. This study is being funded in part by the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (AV-CC) Working Group on Electronic Publishing.

Pandora - archiving Electronic Publications (

Die Deutsche Bibliothek (DDB) (
National Library of Germany
Voluntary deposit of online publications since 2001, preparatory work for a renewal of the legal deposit law.

WebArchiv (
National Library of the Czech Republic, IT Center of the Masaryk University
Czech Republic, Brno
April 2000 (start)
uses the Nedlib crawler

Our Digital Island (
State Library of Tasmania
Our Digital Island provides access to Tasmanian Web sites that have been preserved for posterity by the State Library of Tasmania.

other Documents: Our Digital Island: Web preservation issues and solutions at the State Library of Tasmania (

Minerva - Mapping the INternet: the Electronic Resources Virtual Archive ()
Library of Congress

LC21: A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress (

NEDLIB is a collaborative project of European national libraries. It aims to construct the basic infrastructure upon which a networked European deposit library can be built. The objectives of Nedlib concur with the mission of national deposit libraries to ensure that electronic publications of the present can be used now and in the future. Within the project, a special NEDLIB Harvester was developed, optimized for archiving, rather than indexing tasks.

Acquisition-tool: Nedlib harvester (

Nordic Web Archive (NWA) (
cooperation between the Nordic National Libraries: the Royal Library in Copenhagen, the Helsinki University Library, the National and University Library of Iceland, the National Library of Norway, the Royal Library in Stockholm
1997 (start)
The Nordic Web Archive (NWA) is a cooperation between the Nordic National Libraries. NWA started in 1997 as a forum for co-ordination and exchange of experience in the fields of harvesting and archiving web documents. The cooperation culminated in an application to Nordunet2 of funds to develop the NWA Access Module, a common tool for accessing the archived web documents.
    The development of the NWA Access Module is organised as a project with a steering group at the top populated by the National Librarians. Beneath this steering group is yet another steering group populated by technical specialists from each of the Nordic Libraries.
    The NWA Access Module project was started in november 2000 with the appointment of a project manager. At the moment the project evaluates possible search engine vendors.

Nordunet2 (pdf) (
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USA, California, Stanford University
LOCKSS (Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) is a system prototype to preserve access to scientific journals published on the Web. LOCKSS models how libraries provide access to paper content by allowing individual libraries to safeguard their communities access to Web content. The system ensures that hyperlinks continue to resolve and appropriate content is delivered, even when in the Internet the links don't work and content is no longer available. Libraries running LOCKSS cooperate to detect and repair preservation failures. The project is funded by the Mellon Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Stanford University.

Department of Preservation and Conservation (
Cornell University
New York, USA
Works in digitisation and adjacent areas and aims to support the research and teaching needs of the scholarly community through the preservation, conservation, and continuing accessibility, of research library and archive materials.

best known offspring: RLG DigiNews (

Project Harvest (
Cornell University Library
Developing a Repository for E-Journals

National Library of Canada Electronic Collection (
National Library of Canada (NLC)
The Electronic Collection of the National Library of Canada (NLC) consists of Canadian books and periodicals published online. It includes more than 3,000 titles published by both the commercial publishing sector and the government publishing sector. The archived publications exist in various formats, including HTML, ASCII and others, i.e., the format in which they were produced. In some cases, certain software such as Acrobat Reader, RealAudio, Ghostview or others are required to read publication content.

other Documents: Electronic Publications Pilot Project (

Quebec (

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), National Library of the Netherlands (
Project Deposit of Dutch Electronic Publications (DNEP), IBM is implementing the system

The British Library - Digital Library Programme (
September 18, 2000 (start)
IBM is implementing a system for voluntary deposit of digital works. A framework is planned for human-driven selection of electronic publications (online and offline) with contact to the publisher.

Library of the future (

Die Deutsche Bibliothek (
National Library of Germany

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Museum of E-Failure (
The Museum of E-Failure is an attempt to actively preserve the home pages of sites that will probably disappear in the next few months taking a snapshot of them in a picture format.

JSTOR - the scholarly journal archive (
In the broadest sense, JSTOR's mission is to help the scholarly community take advantage of advances in information technologies. In pursuing this mission, JSTOR has adopted a system-wide perspective, taking into account the sometimes conflicting needs of libraries, publishers, and scholars.
    JSTOR's goals include the following:
    * To build a reliable and comprehensive archive of important scholarly journal literature
    * To improve dramatically access to these journals
    * To help fill gaps in existing library collections of journal backfiles
    * To address preservation issues such as mutilated pages and long-term deterioration of paper copy
    * To reduce long-term capital and operating costs of libraries associated with the storage and care of journal collections
    * To assist scholarly associations and publishers in making the transition to electronic modes of publication
    * To study the impact of providing electronic access on the use of these scholarly materials.

English Heritage (

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