D-Lib Magazine (
Corporation For National Research Initiatives

Exploit Interactive (
(funded under the EC Telematics for Libraries Programme)
The Pan-European Web magazine provides information about the Telematics for Libraries projects, designed to promote awareness, disseminate and exploit reusable project applications and results. The magazine ran for seven issues and has now finished; though the site will remain available for reference from this server for at least another two years.
    The Exploit work is being carried on in the form of the Cultivate project, most notably provdiding the new journal

RLG DigiNews (
Cornell University Library Department of Preservation and Conservation
RLG DigiNews is a bimonthly Web-based newsletter focusing on digital preservation issues.

Transforming Traditional Libraries (
is a peer-reviewed e-journal covering aspects of the new library, including digital collections, electronic indices, OPACs, Internet research, bibliographic instruction, information literacy, and the task of integrating these and other new resources with the traditional services of the library.