The Digital Attic - Are We Now Amnesiacs? Or Packrats? (
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James Gleick

Data Storage: From Digits to Dust (
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Marcia Stepanek
Business Week
April 20, 1998
Surprise - computerized data can decay before you know it

The Affair of the Vanishing Content (
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Sam Vaknin
Sun Jan 20, 2002

Growing Up Digital (
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John Seely Brown
American Association for Higher Education
How the Web Changes Work, Education, and the Ways People Learn.

The WWW and our digital heritage (
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Johan Mannerheim
66th IFLA Council and General Conference
Jerusalem, Israel
13-18 August
- the new preservation tasks of the library community

Digital Preservation: Paradox + Promise (
Richard Wiggins

Embalming the Net (
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Diane Krieger
NETworker, Dispatch
Summer 1997

E-Heritage - How big is the Web? (
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Philippe Quéau
June 20, 2001

Media Lullabies: The Reinvention of the World Wide Web (
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Bill Hilf

Sociology of the Internet (
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Emily Johnston, Ian Akeson, Jocelyn Holloway, Jeff Luciano
McMaster University
December 17, 1997

The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age (
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Randall Davis
National Research Council
Nov. 3, 1999