The WWW and our digital heritage (
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Johan Mannerheim
66th IFLA Council and General Conference
Jerusalem, Israel
13-18 August
- the new preservation tasks of the library community

A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections (
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Neil Beagrie and Daniel Greenstein
Arts and Humanities Data Service Executive
London, England
"The study presents thirteen recommendations in the areas of long-term digital preservation, standards, the policy framework, and future research. Six case studies highlight some of the real-life considerations concerning digital preservation. At a time when content providers and libraries are racing headlong toward digitization of information resources, this study provides critical guidance."

Archiving Digital Cultural Artifacts (
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Peter Lyman, Brewster Kahle
D-Lib Magazine

July/August 1998
- Organizing an Agenda for Action

The Legal Deposit of Electronic Publications (
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Brian Lang
Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL)
December, 1996

Best Practices for Digital Archiving (
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Gail M. Hodge
D-Lib Magazine
January 2000

Using Serial Item and Contribution Identifiers as Uniform Resource Names (
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Juha Hakala
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Network Working Group
(expires) 28 February 2002
Internet-Draft discussing how Serial Item and Contribution Identifiers (SICIs; persistent and unique identifiers for serial issues and contributions such as articles) can be supported within the URN framework and the syntax for URNs defined in RFC 2141 (Moats).