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Home: http://www.ifs.tuwien.ac.at/~andi.


(link to previous seminar homepages: WDA 2005 (with photos) in Abaujszanto, Hungary, WDA 2004 (with photos) in Tatranska Polianka, WDA 2003 (with photos) in Ruzomberok, WDA 2002 (with photos) in Kosice, WDA 2001 in Budapest, WDA 2000 (with photos) in Kosice)


  • Allgemeines: Seminar in englischer Sprache in Zusammenarbeit mit der Technischen Universität Kosice, in Kosice, Slovakei
  • Anrechenbarkeit: Seminar aus Informatik bzw. Seminar aus Artificial Intelligence, beide in englischer Sprache
  • Inhalt: TextMining Verfahren, Analyse von Textkollektionen mit Hilfe von Neuronalen Netzen, Ontologien, sowie Analyse von Musikdaten, Strukturierung von Audio-Kollektionen (MP3s), Genre-Erkennung in Musik, etc., sowie ausgiebige Diskussionen
  • Datum:Ende Juni 2006 (voraussichtlich: 29.6. - 2.7.)
  • Seminar Ort: Varazdin, Kroatien, Details folgen
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Teilnehmerzahl: limitiert: max. 6 StudentInnen von der TU Wien sowie 6 StudentInnen der TU Kosice
  • Vorbesprechung: 14. März 2006, 17:00, SEM HD0407, 4. Stock, bei Interesse bitte "Vor-Anmeldung" per e-mail
  • Anmeldung: per e-mail an rauber@ifs.tuwien.ac.at


  • General: English-language Seminar in cooperation with the Technical University of Kosice in Kosice, Slovakia
  • Credits: "Seminar aus Informatik" or "Seminar aus Artificial Intelligence"
  • Content: Text Mining, Text Analysis, Audiomining, Analysis of MP3 Music Collections, Genre Detection in Music, etc., as well as lots of discussion
  • Date: tentative dates: end of June 2006 (probably June 29.6. - 2.7.)
  • Seminar Place: Varazdin, Croatia, details to follow
  • Language: English
  • Number Participants: limited: max. 6 students from the Vienna University of Technology plus 6 students from TU Kosice
  • First Meeting: March 14 2006,17:00, SEM HD0407, please pre-register by e-mail
  • Registration: send e-mail to rauber@ifs.tuwien.ac.at

General Information

Following the great success of the previous six turns of this international seminar on data mining and clustering algorithms in Abaujszanto, Hungary in 2005 (WDA2005) Tatranska Polianka in 2004 (WDA2004), Ruzomberok in 2003 (WDA2003), Kosice in 2000 (WDA 2000) and 2002 (WDA 2002), and in Budapest in 2001 (WDA 2001), we will again offer this seminar in 2004.

The seminar will be organized as a Student Workshop with participants from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia as a cooperation between the Department of Software Technology (IfS) at VUT Vienna and the Department of Artificial Intelligence at TUKE, Kosice. The main goal of this seminar is to bring together students who are interested in the field of data mining, to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences.
We will analyze and compare a set of data analysis techniques based on some reference data set. The focus will be on text and music analysis - details will be defined during the preparatory meetings. (Basically, we'll take a look at how programs can automatically learn how to organize masses of text according to their topics, finding out which topics are present, etc. Similarly, for music we'll take a look at how we can group pieces of music in a large collection of, say, MP3-files, according to their musical styles.)
We'll then make a three-day trip to the seminar place in Slovakia (details to be defined), where the individual results of the various approaches will be presented and discussed in an inspiring atmosphere. Thus, every participant will gain a good knowledge and overview of the strengths, weaknesses and applicabilities of the various approaches.

Apart from that, we will defintely also have time for some 'social program', as one of the central ideas of this seminar is to get people together and have fun while doing some reasonable and interesting work :)

For details on last year's seminar as well as for some pictures, see the WDA 2004 Homepage.

Preliminary Schedule

  • February/March 2006: preliminary registration for the seminar as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to rauber@ifs.tuwien.ac.at. Please note, that the maximum number of participants is limited to a group of 6 students from each university.
  • Vienna: second week of March 2006: First meeting, discussion of various issues concerning the seminar, presentation of the reference data sets, presentation of a set of text mining techniques that will be analyzed in the course of the seminar. Each participant may then select one or two of the proposed tasks she or he wants to analyze.
  • March/April 2006: The selected methods will be studied in some detail, and the reference data sets will be analyzed using these specific techniques. Programs for this analysis will be provided.
  • End of April 2006: By the end of April, a first report describing the methods used and the results obtained, will be handed in. We will also discuss these findings in an internal meeting.
  • May/June 2006: The final report will be written and disseminated to all seminar participants. We will then meet for 2 days in the Slovak Republic to present the results, discuss the findings, and for sure also have lots of fun :-)


We are currently trying to obtain some funding for this seminar, in order to be able to cover the travel and accomodation costs. Details will be discussed during our first meeting at the beginning of March.

Questions, Registration, Miscellaneous

If you are interested to participate in this seminar, or if you have any further questions, just drop me an e-mail at rauber@ifs.tuwien.ac.at. We are currently starting to prepare the details of this seminar, so lots of things still have to be defined or will be defined according to the interests of all participants. I will keep you informed of all news by e-mail. Please note, that the number of participants is strictly limited, so please send me an e-mail as early as possible if you plan to participate!