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Some Details

General Information

The seminar will be organized as a kind of Student Workshop with participants from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia as a cooperation between the Department of Software Technology (IfS) at VUT Vienna and the Department of Artificial Intelligence at TUKE, Kosice. The main goal of this seminar is to bring together students who are interested in the field of data mining, to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences. We will analyze and compare a set of data mining techniques based on some reference data set. The individual results of the various approaches will be presented at this seminar, followed by a comparison of these results. Thus, every pasrticipant will gain a good knowledge and overview of the strengths, weaknesses and applicabilities of the various approaches. Apart from that, we will defintely also have time for some 'social program' apart from the seminar itself, as one of the central ideas of this seminar is to get people together and have fun while doing some reasonable and interesting work :)

Preliminary Schedule


The Technical University of Kosice is located in Kosice, in the far western part of Slovakia in the area of the famous High Tatras Mountains. This pleasant surrounding will provide an ideal and inspiring setting for the seminar as well as for some leisure time activities...


We are currently trying to obtain some funding for this seminar, in order to be able to cover (at least part of) the travel and accomodation costs. Details will be discussed during our first meeting at the beginning of March.

Questions, Registration, Miscellaneous

If you are interested to participate in this seminar, or if you have any further questions, just drop me an e-mail at We are currently starting to prepare the details of this seminar, so lots of things still have to be defined or will be defined according to the interests of all participants. I will kepp you informed of all news by e-mail.

List of Praticipants

Experiments Data

We will use 3 different data sets for our experiments, each of which has different characteristics. Thus, we should be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches with respect to different types of data to be analyzed. The 3 datasets are as follows: Each of these data sets should be used in three different forms:

Goal of the Seminar

The goal is to analyse and compare various techniques for unsupervised data analysis. Some of these techniques might be more suitable for certain kinds of data than others, or produce results that ar emore favourably interpreted in some applications than in others. The goal is to test different Data Mining techniques using the 3 different data sets presented above, and to analyze

Methods Used

A set of different methods will be used for analysis, namely

The Paper

Each participant shall write a paper to be presented at our Workshop meeting in summer. Basically, the paper shall comprise the following: The length of the paper shall be between 6 to max. 12 pages. Style files for LaTeX and MS Word will be provided.

Date and Program of the Workshop

Tentative program - the exact details will be decided upon soon...

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