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The SOMeJB Music Digital Library - Download Page

Many people have asked us to provide them with the implementations we have used for performing our music analysis. So, here we go: below we provide some modules that were used in the context of the SomeJB project for organizing music libraries.
However: Please note, that the present system is a Research Prototype under constant development, extension, modifications, etc. and by no means a production version. You are free to use it for non-commercial purposes (you would not seriously consider using it for commercial purposes anyway) as you please, and we would be happy to learn from your experiences. We will also try to help wherever we can - however, please be aware that we will not be able to provide any guaranteed support for the system :-) If you think you really want to play around with the system in more detail, and possible fix some bugs that we have left there, or plan on extending or adapting it to your needs, we are happy to share the source code and any possible advice we can give with you. In this case, just drop me an e-mail at, and I'll do my best to send you whatever you think you want or need.

Available on this page:

Feature Extraction SOMeJB Prototype 2

We provide the Matlab music analysis toolbox implementing the feature extraction and psycho-acoustic pre-processing steps used in the SOM-enhanced Jukebox system.

Feature Extraction for SOMeJB Prototype 1

The feature extraction of Prototype 1 is based on the open-source media player xmms. (See the xmms project website for details on obtaining and installing xmms.) A modified visualization plugin is used to extract the frequency data while playing the files. Below, you can either obatin a complete distribution of xmms 1.0.1 together with the anafile plugin, or get the anafile plugin separately and install it into your current xmms path. A (very) short description on how to perform the experiments is provided as well.
More details can be found on the original SOMeJB Prototype 1 project homepage, now discontinued and available only as a locally cached copy in the local projects archive.

SOM, GHSOM and SDH modules

For organizing the pieces of music on a 2-dimensional map, the Self-Organizing Map (SOM), as well as its hierarchical, fully adaptive extension, the Growing Hierarchical SOM (GHSOM) have been used.

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