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5. Questions and Answers

5.1 What is the SJB Project?

SJB stands for SOMeJukeBox. This is a Project at the IFS to group raw audio data with a SelfOrganizingMap (SOM).

5.2 Can I be a part of this project?

Please contact Andi Rauber. He is responsible for administrative tasks.

5.3 What are the other parts of the SJB Project?

There is Anafile (plugin to XMMS), SJBclean (filter), SJBsplit(choose frequencys), SJBtime(choose time), SJBfkt (interpolation), SOM (FFT), SJBmajorvektor (Vectorfile), SJBmatrix (Mappingvector). And two SOM calls which are not listed here, cause they are not special programs.

5.4 Can I use this program in another way than for this SJB stuff?

Sure! This is open source. I don't think that you can use this program without changing the source, cause this is a very special program. But you can of course use this program as a starting point.

5.5 Where can I get detailed information about the SJB Project and these programs?

The best way is to read the thesis of Markus Fruehwirth. Workingtitle:


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