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7. Vector generation

7.1 Majorvector

After all the steps mentioned in the previous chapters there should now be a directory with a lot of *.fft files in it. To obtain a valid SOM Vectorfile you have to run now SJBmajorvector. SJBmajorvector can be obtained from here. There is also a undocumented program for special vector generation: SJBvector

7.2 positive values

The GHSOM does not understand negative values within the Vectorfile. Use SJBplus to get a clean positive Vectorfile. SJBplus can be obtained from here.

7.3 Normalizing

All vectors are normalized using

out of the SOMLib package. The best way to proceed is to run the following script:

# Normalization of Vectorfile
# $1 is Name of Vectorfile


ln -s $SOMLIBDIR somlib
mv $INPUT $INPUT.input

java -Xmx10000m somlib.som.preprocess.Vec2Vec -i $INPUT.input -o $INPUT -n t -v $VERBOSITY >>$LOGFILE  2>>$LOGFILE

rm $INPUT.input
rm somlib

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