[CFP] Electronic Memories and Life Logging in Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

Recent advances in sensor networks, mobile computing and storage technologies enable us to sense and collect our life events digitally. The process of logging individuals' experiences is not limited to personal information: it can also be extended to recording community experiences and their online activities. It can be expected that in the near future life logging systems and electronic memories are going to have significant impacts on our lives similar to the revolutions brought by mobile phones and the Internet.

The aim of this theme issue is to bring together scientists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs to present their research outcomes and systems on life logging and electronic memories.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Sensor systems and challenges for long-term personal information collection
* Qualitative and quantitative analysis approaches
* Information mining, knowledge discovery and semantic analysis of e-memories and lifelogs.
* Analyzing the impact of lifelogs and e-memories on sustainability, health, learning and their persuasive effects on behavior changes
* Outcomes of personal or community's e-memories, such as ethical and social implications
* Designing issues and reflection approaches regarding electronic memories and lifelogs such as visualization, notification, etc
* Risk, Trust, Privacy and Security issues regarding e-memories and lifelogs
* Requirements and tools for enhancing and optimizing life-logs and e-memories, including annotation, long term preservation, storage, information retrieval
* Psycho-Physiological studies such as emotion detection and behavior learning

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by independent referees. Submitted articles should include a clear motivation and statement of objectives, description of methods and a discussion of results with appropriate evaluation. Theoretical articles should deal with models, concepts, and structures; generic should present research results of broad applicability; and applied articles should show how the demands of particular application areas shape the way generic research is translated into a sound practical innovation.

Important Dates
Paper Submission: Oct 1, 2011
Notification: Dec 8, 2011
Final Paper Submission: Feb 1, 2012