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Waves Vienna Music Hackday 2016

Challenges and Awards

We propose 5 challenges for the Waves Music Hackday 2016: There will be awards worth about 2,500 Euros for these five categories! These challenges and the tools to hack with will be presented Friday 30 Sep, 18:00 - 20:30. Don't miss this Friday session, its important to get to know the people, the tools and the challenges! Here are more details:

Best gesture and sound combination

MOD Devices challenges hackathon participants to utilise the MOD Duo in their projects to translate gestures into sound by any means they wish. For gesture tracking, apart from your smartphones a number of further tools is available (such as the IRCAM R-IoT). The MOD team will be on hand to help, and whoever demonstrates the most clear & congruent translation of gesture into sound will be the winner of a Mod Duo!

Best hack on music & emotions

Among the vast possibilities that Musimap's API allows, are extensive expertized criteria on music moods, genres, artists and influences and relations between songs or artists - available for millions of songs and artists, including the ones playing at Waves festival! Create the best hack based on emotions or moods in music or people's mind, together with Musimap's API, and be awarded the Musimap prize of 500 Euros.

Best hack using body signals

Our mobile phones are tracking motions already, but there is more to come in the near future: gesture trackers, wearable devices, and the sensing of body parameters such as heart beats, skin conductivity, muscle contraction - or even brainwaves. We have a number of hardware available at the Waves hackday that tracks various signals from the human body: the IRCAM R-IoT gesture sensors, Bitalino body signal boards, and Neurosky brainwave headsets. In addition some wearable devices such as the LilyPad and Flora. This challenge is about the best hack using any or multiple of these to process body signals for music and the award are devices for tracking body signals sponsored by MindTecStore.

Best use of GiantSteps APIs

We seek the best hack that uses one or more of the GiantSteps APIs for music analysis, recommendation, and semantic sound analysis. We encourage hacks about music making and performance, new instruments, improvising systems, virtual band mates, real-time visualizations or anything that will mesmerize the crowd. The award is 250 Euros in vouchers for music equipment.

Europeana Sounds Music Collection Genre Detection Challenge

Europeana provides access to millions of items from Europe's cultural heritage institutions, including thousands of music recordings. To improve the quality of the genre information, we are challenging you to come up with innovative ideas to detect genres in the data and records. This can be done by metadata processing and/or audio processing, or any other means you can think of. The full dataset has been preprocessed and is provided for download. For the best hack on this challenge, a prize of 500 euros (in vouchers) is available. If your solution is really promising Europeana offers to continue working with you into developing this further. More info here.