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Haves: Describe your haves regarding this ad.

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Lastest Want Ads

Understand the mega trends of software engineering

Until: Dec/2014

Who: FIN R&D Ware - Jyrki Kontio

Several significant technology and marketplace trends are strongly influencing the way we develop software. These trends include the cloud, mobility, consumerization, Internet of Everything, App marketplaces, gamification, global sourcing, etc. It is also notable that these changes are taking place at the same time. I would argue that the “perfect storm” of these changes is perhaps the biggest paradigm shift in the history of software engineering.

These mega trends have already changed the way we develop software. The goal of this activity is to

  • Identify the most relevant mega trends
  • Understand their impact in the software engineering practice
  • Understand the implications of these changes to the empirical software research

We plan to document this analysis in blogs, trade journals and social media.

A position statement on these trends is available at Prezi presentation on mega trends

Engage Practitioners: Define and use best methods digital media communications

Until: Dec/2014

Who: FIN R&D Ware - Jyrki Kontio

Practitioners rarely read scientific papers and nowadays they even read trade journals less and less. Instead, they get their software engineering knowledge from their contacts and from social media. The ISERN community is not very visible and active in social media and, therefore, we miss opportunities to reach and influence practitioners.

The goal is to define, package and use the best digital media marketing practices so that ISERN community becomes more visible and influential and interactive towards practitioners.

Haves: We know how to execute effective digital media campaigns and we also have relevant knowledge to be shared with practitioners.

Needs: We need a few volunteers who are willing to commit to active dialogue and interactions using the agreed methods.

Empirical study of formal verification process and artifacts

Until: 12/2014

Who: AUS University of New South Wales - Ross Jeffery

Haves: We have data on the formal verification of the seL4 microkernel. Published in ICSE 2012, 2013, ESEM 2014 and submitted to ICSE 2015 .

Needs: People with access to data in the formal verification space with an interest in cost modeling and general empirical study of formal proofs..

Design quality judgement survey

Until: 12/2014

Who: USA University of Hawaii - Dan Port

Haves: A design quality survey at [1] and a follow up survey with three different design. We also have some data from students (90 data points) and experts (11 data points).

Needs: We are looking for others willing to give the survey to students or experts to take the survey to help solidify a baseline. Ideally students would take the survey before teaching design quality metrics and then after so we could measure the impact on design quality judgment teaching such metrics might provide.

Survey on "Community-Supported EMSE Knowledge Building based on SLR Evidence"

Until: 09/2014

Who: AUT Vienna University of Technology - Stefan Biffl

Haves: Survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/EMSE_Knowledge_Building

Needs: Survey responses from ISERNers with interest in "EMSE Knowledge Building" and/or "Systematic Literature Reviews" (SLRs)

Collaboration in Cloning Research/Functionally Similar Clones

Until: 03/2015

Who: GER_University_of_Stuttgart_-_Stefan_Wagner

Haves: Three clone detection tools working, 2,800 programs with functionally similar clones

Needs: Further clone detection tools, similar/same programs as test bed

Want Ads For ISERN

Until: 9/2014

Who: JPN Nara Institute of Science and Technology - Mike Barker

Haves: Concept, Wiki, Guidebook

See also: ISERN Want Ads Site

Needs: Widespread use by ISERN members

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