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[[File:Logo NFR4MDD.png|120px|thumb|right|The NFR4MDD project]]
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'''Status:''' Open
'''Status:''' Open

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The NFR4MDD project

Status: Open

Duration: 01.2015 - unknown

Webpage: under construction

Short Description and Results

Very few Model-Driven Development (MDD) approaches have been reported to deal with Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs, aka Quality Requirements) and they do it in a limited way. However, it is clear that NFRs need to be considered somehow in the final product of the MDD process. To better understand how NFRs are integrated into the existing MDD approaches, we have initiated the NFR4MDD project, a multi-national empirical study, based on interviews with companies working on MDD projects. Our project aims at surveying the state of the practice for this topic. As first collaborative initiative, eight European research teams from 8 different countries are working under the supervision of the GESSI research group. The vision of the project and the state as of June 2015 are described in a first publication at IEEE RE'15, please find slides at slideshare.

Non-ISERN Collaborators

Non-ISERN teams are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • INRIA, France (coord. Jordi Cabot, currently at UOC [1])
  • U. of L’Aquila, Italy (coord. Henry Muccini, coord. [2])
  • U. Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (coord. João Araújo, [3], and Ana Moreira, [4])
  • U. Málaga, Spain (coord. Antonio Vallecillo, [5])

ISERN collaborators (see links below):

  • Blekinge U. of Technology (coord. Richard Berntsson Svensson)
  • Technical U. Munich (coord. Daniel Méndez) with the support of Fortiss GmbH [6]
  • U. of Twente (coord. Maya Daneva)
  • Vienna University of Technology (coord. Stefan Biffl)

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