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Status: Open

Duration: 01.2015 - Unknown

Goal: To aggregate existing empirically-grounded evidence about the benefits and drawbacks of Software Reference Architectures(SRA), aiming at supporting organizations’ decision making on their adoption. Method: To identify primary studies in the technical literature through a systematic literature review, and then, use the Structured Synthesis Method (SSM) to aggregate qualitative and quantitative evidence through the use of diagrammatic models.

Results: From the five identified primary studies, five SRA benefits have considerably increased their belief value after aggregation: interoperability of software systems, reduced development costs, improved communication among stakeholders, reduced risk, and reduced time-to-market. Also, one drawback of SRAs has increased its belief value: the required learning curve for developers. Conclusions: The aggregated results consolidate knowledge and confidence on some of the studied SRA effects. The commonly reported effects showed a clear increment of their belief and pointed out to broader generalization. The effects that did not show any belief increment are important to detect areas requiring further evidence to reach a higher degree of consolidation. Practitioners might benefit from these results to support the decision of adopting an SRA in practice.

ISERN Collaborators

  • ES Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Xavier Franch, [1]
  • BRA Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Guilherme Horta Travassos, [2]

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