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Status: Open

Duration: 10.2011 - ongoing

Short Description and initial results: There are several motivations to promote investment and scientific effort in the integration of intentional and operational perspectives: organisational reengineering, continuous improvement of business processes, alignment among complementary analysis perspectives, information traceability, etc. We propose the integration of two modelling languages that support the creation of goal and business process models: the i* goal-oriented modelling method and Communication Analysis, a communication-oriented business process modelling method. We reports the methodological integration of the two modelling methods with the aim of fulfilling several criteria: i) to rely on appropriate theories; ii) to provide abstract and concrete syntaxes; iii) to provide scenarios of application; and iv) to develop tool support. Guidelines for using the two modelling methods in modelling scenarios are provided. A set of top-down modelling scenario guidelines were successfully evaluated by means of a comparative experiment with real practitioners. The results - from the practitioners point - highlight the benefits of the guidelines in performance and usability perceptions. The guidelines will allow practitioners to ensure goal and business process model traceability; as so as to obtain benefits for using a systematic and well founded way to perform information system analysis tasks.

Collaboration project between the PROS Research Centre, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Valencia, Spain, and the GESSI Research Center, Universitat Politècnica de Catanlunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain.

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