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Lastest Quick Reports

Students vs professionals short report

Report Date: 09/2014

Who: ESP Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Natalia Juristo

Problem Statement: Are students and professionals interchangeable in studies? Well...

One-Paragraph Summary: All panelists share the idea that the dichotomy students vs. professionals is wrongly stated. Students very often have experience working or are more motivated or talented doing certain tasks so it can not be assumed at all that students always perform worse than professionals. Experience seems to be a critical variables to group different types of experimental subjects and the generalization to the proper population. We plan to follow up on this session and as first step we will generate a document reporting the discussion we have had.

Reading List

Report Date: 09/2014

Who: EST University of Tartu - Dietmar Pfahl, USA University of Hawaii - Dan Port

Problem Statement: How to provide a concise reading list to researchers in the ISERN network (and beyond)?

One-Paragraph Summary: There will be three places where ISERN members can retrieve and add relevant literature:

  1. Wikipedia page on ’Experimental Software Engineering’ – open to everybody according to Wikipedia rules
  2. Core Reading list: Same format as in previous years; available as Google Docs document; all ISERN members can make proposals on what papers to add/remove; Dan and Dietmar will regularly review and decide how to integrate the proposals into the list
  3. Members’ pages will have a new section ’Bibliography’ where all members can put their own publications, using the categories available in the Core Reading List for tagging; from these members’ lists a ISERN Bibliography will be automatically generated

The reviewers of the Core Reading list will be replaced in one-by-one during every year’s ISERN meeting (i.e., each reviewer will serve two years).

Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering (NaPiRE)

Report Date: 09/2014

Who: GER University of Stuttgart - Stefan Wagner, GER Technische Universität München - Daniel Mendez

Problem Statement: We are missing a solid, generalisable basis for further empirical studies on requirements engineering.

One-Paragraph Summary: We established NaPiRE at last year's ISERN by including the community in updating an existing questionnaire for a globally distributed survey on the status quo and problems in requirements engineering. We are already conducting the surveys now world-wide. This workshop focused on discussing the current status of these surveys and how we are going to analyse and publish the results. More information: [1]

"Stack Overflow" for Empiricism

Report Date: 09/2014

Who: AUS University of New South Wales - Ross Jeffery, ITA Free University of Bolzano-Bozen - Barbara Russo, JPN Nara Institute of Science and Technology - Mike Barker

Problem Statement: A light tool that allows the ISERN community to be visible on the Internet as a community of experts on software engineering.

One-Paragraph Summary: "Stack Overflow" provides brief answers to software questions and disseminates the ISERN activities. Small selected group of ISERN members will moderate the list on a rotating basis.

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