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Update: 2015-09-15 06:00 New account creation has been shifted from self-service to reviewed access. To get a new account please contact stefan.biffl AT

Quick Guide - A help guide for using this platform.

Create New User Account - You need a user account to create / edit member sheets and collaboration sheets. To get an account contact stefan.biffl AT


1. Want Ads - Aimed at encouraging collaborations, especially "little collaborations," shorter, focused opportunities to work together on something.

2. ISERN Members Directory - A directory with the member sheets of ISERN member contacts.

3. Collaborations Overview - A directory of the current and past collaborations between ISERN members.

4. Collaboration Graph - A sneak peak at the graphic analysis of the ISERN collaborations using NodeXL that we can do with this data!

5. Interactive Citation Graph - An interactive and incremental citation graph originated by ISERN core papers!

6. Quick Reports - A light weight way to let ISERN know the results of your research, collaborations, or other work. Remember, just one paragraph.

Create New Content

To create a new sheet type in the name of the new sheet in the text box and press the "create new ... sheet"-button. Make sure to use the right name and formatting as this is difficult to change later.

Member Sheets

Naming convention for new member sheets is in the form: Country-Code Institution - Member Name.

The country code uses ISO Alpha-3 codes. e.g. GER Muster University of Technology - Max Mustermann

You find more examples in the ISERN Members Directory.

Collaboration Sheets

Naming convention for new collaboration sheets is in the form: Category:Year - Collaboration Title

It is important that you use Category: without whitespace ahead of the Year - Collaboration Title block.

e.g. Category:2014 - A Systematic Literature Review on Reading Techniques for Defect Detection

You find more examples in the Collaborations Overview.

Collaboration Categories

  1. Paper/Book Writing
  2. Research Projects
  3. Researcher/Student Exchanges
  4. Other Collaborations

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