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This is a graph as of Oct. 11, 2015.


We will take a closer look at this graph at ISERN!

The Excel file that produces this (2015 version) and the previous version (2014) are also available:

Caution! If you download the NodeXL file and open it with Excel, Excel will try to download the nodeXL template, which takes a little time. The advantage, of course, is that you can manipulate the graph yourself, and look at what is going on with ISERN collaborations. Pick out your name in the Vertices page and click on it, and poof! You and your collaborations turn red in the graph.

(When I tried downloading and running this, Excel told me it contained untrusted code, and refused to run it. What appeared to work was to save the file again with a new name -- I added 2 at the end of the file name. Then open the new saved file. In the right-hand window, under Document Actions, click on show graph -- and there it is!)

Here is a graph produced by nodeXL using the collaboration sheet data as of Sept. 11, 2014.

If you have Excel on your laptop or tablet, you can download nodeXL from for free, and then you can manipulate and analyze the social network graph yourself! We will be demonstrating this at ISERN, but this is a sneak peak at the digital replacement for our old string and paper model. Note: in this one, I had selected a couple of names at random, which is why they are colored red.


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