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Status: Open

Duration: 10.2013 - N/A


Short Description and Results

This collaboration started at the ISERN meeting in 2013. We developed a globally distributed family of surveys on requirements engineering, called NaPiRE (Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering). The idea of NaPiRE is to gather a knowledge basis on the status quo and practical problems in Requirements Engineering to lay the empirical foundation to steer Requirements Engineering research in a problem-driven manner.

Since then, the project has grown to an established ISERN project. We have many collaborators around the world. We have finished two runs of the survey so far. For the second run, we published several more specific aspects as well as a comprehensive analysis of the contemporary problems (accepted at EMSE). The write-up of the status quo part is almost finished. In the ISERN meeting 2016, we are going to plan the next run of the survey. In particular, we want to update the underlying theory and focus more on e.g. agile development and quality requirements.

Details about the project including all resulting publications can be taken from

For questions, please contact Daniel Méndez, Stefan Wagner, Michael Felderer or Marcos Kalinowski.

Non-ISERN Collaborators

  • Birgit Penzenstadler,
  • Marie-Therese Christiansson,
  • Andre Schekelmann (together with Marie-Therese)
  • Rodrigo Spinola, UNIFACS/Fraunhofer Project Center at UFBA
  • Rafael Prikladnicki, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS)
  • Tayana Conte, Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM)
  • Krzysztof Wnuk, Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Albert Tort Pugibet, Sogeti Spain
  • Jose Luis de la Vara, Carlos III University of Madrid
  • Ahmet Tuzcu, ZEB
  • Matthias Galster, University of Canterbury
  • Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Osaka University
  • Albert Tort Pugibet, Sogeti Spain
  • Jose Luis de la Vara, Carlos III University of Madrid
  • Desmond Greer, Queen's University Belfast
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