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Status: Open / Closed

Duration: 01.2014 - MM.YYYY


Short Description and Results

The program has three major areas of focus:

Delivering Value in Real Time: The Finnish software-intensive industry has renewed their existing business and organizations towards a value-driven and adaptive real-time business paradigm. Technical infrastructure and required capabilities have been established to support the transformation.

Deep Customer Insight—Better Business Hit-Rate: Software-intensive industries in Finland are utilizing new technical infrastructure and capabilities as well as various sources of data and information to gain and apply deep insight into customer needs and behavior. This knowledge will enable the industry to improve sales and make significant returns on investment in the development of both products and services.

Mercury Business – Find the New Money: This target focuses on how companies and societies can behave like liquid mercury, finding and flowing into new grooves. Mercury Business is the ability to adapt to new business conditions and search aggressively for business opportunities in new markets with minimum effort. This new approach to business growth is enabled by continuous and active strategic focus, a new leadership style.

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