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Status: Open / Closed

Duration: MM.YYYY - MM.YYYY


Short Description and Results

What is GQM⁺Strategies? GQM⁺Strategies extends GQM by - explicitly considering organizational goals and strategies - aligning them at all levels of the organization - making them visible to be shared and analyzed by all stakeholders - establishing the connection between organizational goals/strategies and measurement goals

What are the research goals? - Development of a method for connecting business goals, software goals, and measurement goals - Definition of a joint framework for applying measurement programs and decision support - Connecting goals to existing or available data (GQM-based)

What are the results so far? - GQM⁺Strategies (method, experience, wiki, dedicated resources) - Book "Aligning Organizations through measurement" [1] - Success cases - Evaluation instruments - Publications - PhDs (Vladimir Manic, Sylwia Kopczyńska)

What are future research avenues? - Modeling (e.g., dependencies, rationales, uncertainty, traceability) - Presentation (e.g., visualization and organization of grids) - Deployment and application (e.g, introducing GQM⁺, changing GQM⁺, supporting decisions based on GQM⁺) - Value-analysis and prioritization of goals and strategies - Integrating GQM⁺ with other approaches

Which collaboration is desired? - Joint research on future research topics - Experience exchange - Evaluation of GQM⁺Strategies in different domains (evaluation instruments are available) - Joint studies/projects (research or industrial case study projects) - Articles, joint workshops - Other means of dissemination

Non-ISERN Collaborators

  • Sylwia Kopczyńska, Poznan University of Technology
  • Vladimir Manic, Serbia

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