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Status: Open

Duration: 11.2012 - 12.2015

Webpage: TBD

Short Description and Results The promise of significant cost savings is the main driving force that led companies to jump on the bandwagon of offshoring. The realization of economic benefits, however, seems to be mystified. Previous literature reviews have revealed a scarcity of cost savings evaluations, a lack of supporting models, and a large number of failed collaborations. Yet, offshoring is growing, fueled by the rumors of significant benefits. In this project, we seek to understand whether i) any evidence can be found to support the promise of economic benefits and ii) how are these cost savings calculated. Based on a chain of evidence established by reviewing published works claiming that cost savings achieved or not achieved in a global software project, we seek to ascertain whether such reported claims can be treated as trustworth evidence rather than mere perceptions when they are not substantiated by real economic data. Finally, our projects is investigating the problems with the current way of calculating savings in order to provide practical recommendations to companies and future research.

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