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Status: Open

Duration: 01.2010 - ongoing

Short Description and Initial Results:

We have designed and conducted an experiment to check some of the claimed advantages of Model-Driven Development (MDD). We aim to contribute to corroborating or refuting some of the myths that have been historically attributed to MDD and widely published in the literature. We have compared an MDD with a traditional method where developers implement the code manually. The experimental tasks are to develop fully functional web applications from scratch. We focus on evaluating software quality and developer effort, productivity and satisfaction since they are the most popular claims about MDD in the literature.

For inexperienced developers, we have observed that there are no significant differences between MDD and a traditional method regarding effort, productivity and satisfaction. However, we have observed that quality in MDD is more stable than a traditional method to variations in problem complexity. We have analyzed some reasons why MDD claims are not satisfied in our experiment.

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