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      <p pageid="10758" ns="0" title="BRA Fluminense Federal University - Marcos Kalinowski" />
      <p pageid="25" ns="0" title="BRA Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Guilherme Horta Travassos" />
      <p pageid="72" ns="0" title="CAN Ryereson University - Ayse Bener" />
      <p pageid="122" ns="0" title="CAN University of Alberta - James Miller" />
      <p pageid="123" ns="0" title="CAN University of Calgary - Guenther Ruhe" />
      <p pageid="146" ns="0" title="CHN Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences - Qing Wang" />
      <p pageid="147" ns="0" title="CHN Nanjing University - Guoping Rong" />
      <p pageid="120" ns="0" title="CHN Peking University - Minghui Zhou" />
      <p pageid="252" ns="0" title="Citation Net" />
      <p pageid="172" ns="0" title="CollaborationGraph" />
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