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      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2000 - DE-ITA ESERNET</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2004 - ITA-ESP Joint experiment</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2007 - A Case Study of Program Construction in the Automation Software Engineering Domain</c>
      <c size="2" pages="2" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2007 - Evaluation of Benefits after Including Functional Usability Features in a System</c>
      <c size="2" pages="2" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2008 - Embedded Software Application Engineering EASE</c>
      <c size="2" pages="2" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2009 - Understandability of UML Statechart Diagrams: A Family of Empirical Studies</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2010 - A Structured Literature Review on Reading Techniques for Defect Detection</c>
      <c size="2" pages="2" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2010 - Empirical Assessment of Model Driven Development</c>
      <c size="4" pages="4" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2010 - Integrating Student Empirical Studies with Research and Teaching Goals</c>
      <c size="1" pages="1" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">2011 - Empirical Studies on Open Source Software Adoption</c>
    <allcategories acfrom="2011 - Researcher Exchange CMU / NYU" />