Class AbstractWardsLinkageTreeBuilder

  extended by at.tuwien.ifs.somtoolbox.visualization.clustering.TreeBuilder
      extended by at.tuwien.ifs.somtoolbox.visualization.clustering.AbstractWardsLinkageTreeBuilder
Direct Known Subclasses:
WardsLinkageTreeBuilder, WardsLinkageTreeBuilderAll

public abstract class AbstractWardsLinkageTreeBuilder
extends TreeBuilder

$Id: 3583 2010-05-21 10:07:41Z mayer $
Rudolf Mayer

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level, monitor, progress, progressWriter
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  double calcESSincrease(ClusterNode n1, ClusterNode n2)
          Calculates the increase of the Error Sum of Squares if the two Clusters are united.
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allowAborting, createTree, finishMonitor, getClusteringAlgName, incrementMonitor, resetMonitor, setMonitor
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractWardsLinkageTreeBuilder()
Method Detail


protected double calcESSincrease(ClusterNode n1,
                                 ClusterNode n2)
Calculates the increase of the Error Sum of Squares if the two Clusters are united. To get the "real" Error Sum of Squares increase one must take the square root of the returned value. This step is left out of here to save computation time, as it changes nothing in the order of the distances if this calculation is left out for all distances.

the 'distance' value